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Wisdom's Journey to the Chakras

A Tool for Balancing Your Chakra Energy

Touched By A Horse has created a unique and simple tool for you to discover, cleanse and balance your 7 energy power-centers called the Chakras. With regular use of this CD the listener will benefit from the improvement in the flow of their own energy.

Track #1 - Is a brief, clear instructional piece yielding enlightenment and enhanced education about energy fields of the Universe and the workings of the Chakra systems in the body. This piece teaches in simple and supportive terms how to purposefully balance and cleanse these important Energy fields and keep them in flow.

Track #2 - This guided imagery takes the listener through an exciting experience of obtaining each chakra gathered through nature. Creating a journey, accompanied by the mystical horse named Wisdom, you gather each Chakra color, jewel, tone, benefit to the organ of influence and emotional belief. Using the process learned on Track #1, this is an easy and fun way to create a flow and balance of these essential energy centers.

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Wisdom's Journey to the Chakras

The benefit can be experienced through improved health, lessened stress, enhanced physical energy and emotional well being that improves all relationships.


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