My work with clients is one of deep process. Working with my healing team of horses we co create an experience for our client to close the points of unfinished business of their life. This results in healing, relief and future normal responses to situations where they may have had  reactions or over reactions in situations up to now.

I’ve been a highly trained Gestaltist for 30 years and working with my horses as my fellow coaches in the process of my work has always felt natural. After all,  horses live in the present moment and  are beautifully connected energetically to the human heart.

An interviewer for a magazine article on my Equine Gestalt Coaching Method ® , recently asked me  “Melisa, your work is profound and complex.. but if there was ONE THING that it is  rooted in .. what would you say that one thing is ?”

Great question.

I thought a moment and the answer came clearly to me… I responded Compassion … mostly Self Compassion.  We all survive our childhood .. may it be full of blessings or full of abuse, we survive losses in our life and we survive friendships and all types of  relationships with both healthy and unhealthy people along the way.  Because we “survived”  we also often minimize its effect as we move forward in life. Often not realizing the lasting effect of the unfinished business therein.

I thanked the interviewer for the question. He then asked me .. “Exactly what do the horses DO in your process? “  ..  I smiled and handed him a card from my deck  Whisper’s from a Horses Heart …  written by me in 1992.  THIS ….. This…..this  is what the horse’s “do”, they give Compassion. They do this naturally.. we need to follow this guidance and do the same.


You are being called upon to look at others with compassion right now. They may be trying your patience or even tempting you to make harsh judgements. However, you are being asked to reach deep within yourself to discover your sense of generosity and empathy. Feel their struggles or pain.

They are giving you a valuable gift by being in your presence at this time.  This is causing you to stretch; to let go of all judgements; and further challenging you to not attempt to find any solutions . Just be present. That is all. Only love is the answer here. Hold to the purity of love without agenda and without outcome do not look for reason; just accept what is, for today.  Compassion will heal all as you step into immense love and let the healing come form a higher source.