You can create your own unique Equine Gestalt Coaching Method career with Melisa Pearce and the Touched By A Horse® Certification Program. The only EGC Method® Certification Program in the U.S. and Canada.

This highly comprehensive program fully prepares you for a change in careers  in an expanding industry of Equine supported Healing & Coaching.

Do Horses Hold Magic for You?

Do you agree they are much more than a “tool” for healing or an object to mirror people? If yes, then Melisa’s EGCMethod®, which fully honors the horses part in the process, may be the perfect program environment for you.

Are you intrigued by the idea that the human/horse connection can unlock unlimited potential for personal growth for yourself and others?

Melisa as a founder in the horse and human healing movement, since the 1980’s, has developed a  fully integrated method that takes the work far beyond the “reflective round pen” techniques or the “games” oriented approach of other programs. This is a “deep process”  technique based on Gestalt principles  that fully honors the insight of the horse as they partner with the coach in the process.

The TBAH® Certification Program offers the opportunity for the equestrian expert to the novice who does not ride and has never even been around – or even touched a horse, the opportunity to develop a career in Equine Gestalt Coaching.

You do not need to be a horseman or a therapist to qualify for this program.


  • Human Dynamics – understanding, developing and applying basic human behavior from either a therapeutic or a coaching perspective, Gestalt & experiential principles
  • Equine Knowledge – understanding, developing and applying basic knowledge and management of horses and equine behavior, horse selection and facility requirements
  • Intuitive Insight and Somatics – understanding, developing and applying intuition and the body language of humans and horses, working with chakras and energy fields
  • Facilitation – understanding, developing and practicing individual and group facilitation, co-facilitation and processing of experiences
  • Coaching – understanding, developing and applying basic coaching tools and techniques for helping others meet their challenges and exploit their opportunities
  • Business Development – finding clients and building your business professionally and authentically, creating your business presence

Melisa’s Qualifications to Teach You

Melisa is personally accomplished in each of the Six Core Competencies AND she has experience teaching all of the Six Core Competencies.

  • Human Dynamics: Melisa is an expert in human dynamics, a trained Gestalt psychotherapist, and a Master Coach. She has been a private practicing psychotherapist and taught a 400 hour Gestalt certification program. Melisa created her own Method of Equine Supported Therapy and Coaching from a Gestalt Approach which she has been practicing for over 20 years.
  • Equine Knowledge: Melisa is a lifelong accomplished horsewoman, has taught riding, won two World Championship American Paint Horse Association awards, bred over 200 foals, and owns multiple ranches. Melisa lectures nationally at Equine Affaire and Equine Extravaganza and was named One of the Top 50 Most Influential Horsewomen by Horse South Magazine in 2008.
  • Intuitive Insight & Somatics: Melisa lectures nationally on Energy Fields and Horses. She is an intuitive reader of horses. She is the author of Whispers From A Horse’s Heart, a spiritually influenced card deck for inspiration, Wisdom’s Journey, a guided 3 CD series to discover and create your future, and Eponalisa, The Fall Ride, a Life’s Purpose Parable, as well as co-author on several other projects.
  • Facilitation: A lifelong teacher, Melisa is a Master Instructor for a joint venture company, and has facilitated retreats for executives, sales teams, families and individuals for over 20 years. She won the Editor’s Choice Best Spiritual Retreat in Denver’s 5280 Magazine.
  • Coaching: Melisa has been a life coach, professional business coach and has trained other coaches in several different areas of expertise.
  • Business Development: Melisa is a lifelong highly successful entrepreneur and owner of several companies. She is considered a top expert in coaching individuals and teaching groups of elite entrepreneurs innovative professional marketing programs. She is a skillful instructor in how to use creative marketing skills to coach organizations to success through web-based technology for a national teleconference training network.

The EGCMethod® Certification Program is Flexible

  • Curriculum, classes and sharing are done in a teleseminar format
  • 8 experiential on-site, hands-on intensive CORE Workshops at Melisa’s ranch near Elizabeth, Colorado and other locations across the United States
  • Foundation Session
  • This program is a 2 year commitment
  • All calls are recorded and archived , web area includes printed material
  • Students are urged to create their unique vision of their ideal practice; every participant is challenged, supported and guided through experiencing private and group coaching

The TBAH® Graduate Is Ready To Practice

  • Melisa has more requests and demands for her work nationally than she can perform herself
  • She is creating a strong  community of practitioners to refer to and trust for competent work
  • Melisa is not interested in clones of herself; but instead has continually brought  out the individual talents of all of her students

Plus, it’s FUN!

You can create your own unique Equine Gestalt Coaching career opportunity with Melisa Pearce and the Touched By A Horse® Certification Program. This is the only Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® Certification Program in the United States and Canada.