Rua Prionsa

Gypsy Vanner
From Freeland’s Gypy Horses
Sire: Lion King

A long wait was worth it as I purchased Pri  from the breeder in Arkansas. He arrived at five months old and Freeland’s had given him a proper upbringing already. He had excellent halter manners and was a delight from day one. When he arrived he could barely see over our stall gates. . . At two years old he was already  a towering draft size and a farm favorite!

His soft brown eyes he quickly formed and flirted his way to a fan base of clients who come to the farm to watch him grow. At my Equi Spiritual evenings he loves to show off for the crowd in the round pen. He is an amazing athlete, a comedian and sucks up the applause like he was born for it.

Pri has recently begun work under saddle with Mark Guynn. He is very willing and has beautiful movement. Pri made his public under saddle debut at the 2014 SUMMIT and did beautifully.

He has already done his first client work. . .  and is nothing short of amazing. His mane is full on both sides of his neck. . . and seems to be a sign he has a part of himself in this world and the other.

“QT” POCO Lena

APHA 2000

Sire: QT Poco Streke
Dam: BoDell Lena

I saw QT On a NRHA Auction Stage at the Oklahoma Futurity Sale when he was a yearling. Super bred to be a “reiner”, he stood proud and gorgeous with his handler looking me right in the eye. I knew he was coming home to Lil Bit North Ranch and bid on him until I bought him.

QT began his life as a stallion for our Paint Program and drew a lot of attention from mare owners. His beauty was unmistakable and so we gave him a chance to live up to his breeding and become a reiner. He was shown at The APHA World Shows and also the NRHA Futurity. Although he performed well and is a consummate athlete and cow horse. . . he also made it clear that was not what he enjoyed doing!

He wanted to be up close and personal in my work and work daily with me. So we gelded him so he would become safe for clients and he joined the Healing Team when he was 5 years old. Remaining a handful for the next few years . . . he taught a lot of clients about leadership.

Today he balances chakras, shows tenderness  when tears are present, is very sentient and shares his wisdom and comedy with everyone. He is the “Top Dog” in our herd and very vocal about everything that happens here!



APHA Gelding

Gabriel came to our barn in 2015 — and was a natural at the deep process work. From his first session to today, he has lived up to his namesake, the archangel, Gabriel, with solid and clear communication.




2014 Gypsy Vanner Filly
Sire: Freeland’s High Stakes Blackjack

Our yearling filly, Roulette, has been a great addition to our team. She will be in the learning process of our work for a few years. Our vision for Roulette is that she will be the future brood mare in our Gypsy Vanner breeding program. She has a curious and playful personality.


15 year old Gypsy Vanner mare

Riannon is the queen of the barn. She is an amazing energy technician. Standing in the presence of Rhiannon, everything changes including your physical presence. She is nothing short of amazing. She was born in the UK and imported to the US. She came to us from Georgia.


AQHA Gelding

HD Continental Bootie joined our Healing Herd the Summer of 2018. Born in 2011, Booty is sired by the million dollar NRHA producer Nu Chex to Cash. Personality to excess, we believe Booty feels he is a human most days. With his golden good looks and his sense of humor he is sure to be a fan favorite in our barn.