When I was a child I loved to ride bareback with my jeans sticking to the sweat of my horse’s back. I didn’t know that the horse’s healing power was infusing my very spirit. As I rode for hours upon hours, my connection to the horse supported my inner being and brought true joy to my heart.

Horses are brilliant healers. For thousands of years, they have been willing to serve mankind: pulling wagons or plows, being ridden for war, herding cattle, as general transportation, and for sport. Most humans have overlooked the essential gift of healing that horses have offered them over the years.

There are many ways that horses show up in their sincere effort to bring clarity to our thoughts, expansion in our awareness, and healing to our pain.

Our Equine Gestalt Coaching Method ® is an avenue that deeply respects this special gift that the horses offer freely. Our goal is to help our clients via their connection with horses to heal the somatic issues present in their bodies. The horses bring a unique experience for the clients by guiding the healing process with their perceptive responses to the clients’ needs.

This experience stays with the clients for a lifetime because it is so different from merely “talking about” a challenge, an impending decision, or a traumatic event. EGC method is experiential in its very nature. It is in this full experience with both the human and equine coach that the magic unfolds, leaving clients with a lasting reminder that supports their continuing transformation.

The  past  almost three years have been ones of personal grieving for me following the loss of my beautiful daughter, Molly. I have had lessons upon lesson about the preciousness and fragility of life.

I believe we are here to live our lives more like the horses live theirs: in awareness, in serenity, and fully present—simply and in joy. I am blessed to have these wondrous healers ready in my barn at two a.m. when I am blue over missing Molly and the simple ways we would connect. They offer a warm shoulder, recalibrate my heart, and gently encourage me to continue my own journey on this planet.

Through my equine connections,  horses are my teachers and my friends. If you truly befriend a horse I trust they touch your heart as horses have always touched mine.