Team building, sales training and skills building for entrepreneurial ventures small businesses and corporate structures.

  • Leadership & Management
  • Boundaries & Delegation Skills
  • Communication & Mediation
  • Networking & Creative solutions
  • Clear working agreements and vision

These are a few of the skills and traits necessary to build a solid foundation and establish self-confidence in today’s entrepreneurial or corporate team. At Lil Bit North Ranch professional training facility, clients come together to form a team and hone those exact skills utilizing the horses both as teaching partners as well as live metaphors for the principles taught.

Customized games are created by Melisa and her team to facilitate and guide the team thru an experiential learning process that truly works. Each game is created with the specific groups goals in mind. The learning is fun effective and long-lasting.

Years after this workshop people remember and utilize what they have learned through working with the horses. Lessons taught with a 1200 lb. animal as a partner are hard to forget!

What qualifies Melisa Pearce?

Life coach, therapist and professional sales trainer Melisa Pearce, utilizes her skills from Anthony Robbins Mastery University, S.A.G.E.S., and ten years experience as a Master Coach for MLMU.

Coach Camp: Horses Teaching People to Prosper

Coach camp is designed to help you address the root of the avoidance that keeps you from taking action. It’s not about will power or force. You will work from the inside out, guided by Melisa and her horses, to dissolve your blocks at the source.

Experience the benefits of Coach Camp:

  • Tap into a natural, bold version of yourself
  • Experience feeling powerful and happy regularly
  • Learn to attract prospects through authenticity
  • Experience more confidence in leading your team
  • Learn to take action quickly and grow your business
  • Take your business to the next level fast!

Melisa is the creator and facilitator of Coach Camp. Melisa’s techniques come from sixteen years of experience in the  Marketing Industry and being a professional  Marketing Coach for the past ten years, her psychotherapy practice, and her history as a highly accomplished horsewoman. She graduated Summe Cum Laude from Arizona State University, and is a certified in Gestalt Therapy. As a highly successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business and personal coach, Melisa and her coaching staff work with a wide variety of business owners, athletes, executives, sales personnel, and entrepreneurs. Her leadership skills have taken her to the top positions in 2 different  marketing companies.

Melisa and her support staff work together to provide you with a unique event unlike any other. Come renew your relationship to strength, power, grace and freedom. You are certain to learn skills to bring these forth in your own clients.

“In all my 40 years in sales training, I’ve never seen anything as powerful and transformative as Melisa’s Coach Camp. I was trilled by the changes we experienced in such a short time and how much I learned about myself. We didn’t have to wait weeks for results; major breakthroughs happened right then and there.” ~ Hilton Johnson, President, MLMU

“As a leader in Network Marketing, I must say Coach Camp far exceeded my expectations and went far beyond traditional network marketing concepts! Its impact was extremely powerful! Horses are incredible teachers and I would recommend Coach Camp to anyone who wished to become a leader.” ~ Len G, Shaklee leader

“Coach Camp was an extraordinary opportunity to learn about who I really am, in a safe and caring environment. Experiencing the impact working with the horses taught me a lot about leading my downline and obtaining results. Melisa sends a positive, empowering message while being the most down to earth and caring person I have ever met. The energy shift that I witnessed in myself and others, when working with the horses, will serve me forever. I will relate back to this experience my while life.” ~ Jackie V, Xango

“Coach Camp gave me much more personal power and confidence that came from deep within me. It was not just something in my head that I understand. . . but something that truly changed me from within because I experienced it.” ~ Krista B, Usana

“Coach Camp was a great way to enhance my business self and become more focused on leadership! I will now approach more people with less fear of rejection. I would go every time I could! Melisa is the ultimate Alpha mare!” ~ Connie W, Shaklee

“This was one of the most educational experiences in personal growth I have known in 20 years. I would recommend this course to anyone who is sincerely interested in building a very successful business. I would tell them to attend at twice the price and clear anything off their schedule to make it happen.” ~ Thomas S, Ambit Energy