One consistent activity that successful people do is to continually invest in themselves and their dreams. Investing in mentors and teachers that keep them on the forward edge of their work and dreams is a proven plan.  Think about a five-year-old child you may know or remember, they are in a never-ending learning state and are excited about all of it.  However, that enthusiasm for learning does wane for some people while others know that learning and personal growth is the key to their joy.

A Coach encourages their client to creatively get in touch with a vision, a plan that draws them forward, and their desires that motivate them. To become the person worthy of that dream is often a stretch.  A strong vision should make their palms sweat a bit in anticipation and offer a challenge from where they stand today.

Attitude drives success and the Coach is a trusted sounding board that attunes the client’s tone when a person goes off key. Ideally, Coaches are patient but also persistent in encouraging their client to stay determined and focus actions to realize the dream.  When we are accountable to someone who cares, we tend to stay on track more consistently. The Coach is buying into the vision and because they are not distracted by other elements in the client’s life, they can hold onto the forward track to reignite the passion even when the client derails.

A Coach catches patterns and underscores the ones that serve a person well. They also yield clarity for those patterns that do not serve the client well. Calling upon the client to step up and away from those habits that are not empowering is a valuable benefit.

While personal friends or relatives may speak as if they are supporting a persons vision or dreams, they may also feel threatened by seeing the steps to success and even accidentally, or not so accidentally, sabotage a person’s forward motion.  The Coach is looking at the client’s desired outcomes from a more detached place and will suggest strategies to assist on the client on their climb to success.

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